Town of Cheektowaga
Erie County, NY


Notice to Bidders for the Purchase of Copy Paper and Envelopes (Bid No. 2017-33 LAW)


Department:Town AttorneySponsors:Councilmember Alice Magierski, Supervisor Diane Benczkowski
Category:Notice to BiddersFunctions:Miscellaneous Legal Matters


WHEREAS, it is in order that bids be advertised for the purchase of copy paper and envelopes for the Town; and


WHEREAS, specifications for same have been prepared by the Town Attorney’s Office; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT


              RESOLVED, that the Town Clerk be and hereby is directed to publish a Notice to Bidders  (BID# 2017-33 LAW ) for the Purchase of Copy Paper and Envelopes, said notice to be published in the CHEEKTOWAGA BEE, and BE IT FURTHER


              RESOLVED, that sealed bids will be received and opened by the Town Clerk at a public bid opening to be held in the Council Chambers at the Cheektowaga Town Hall on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 4, 2017 at 11:00 A.M.





              Sealed proposals will be received and considered by the Town Board of the Town of Cheektowaga on Wednesday, October 4, 2017 at 11:00 am, at the Town Clerk’s Office in the Cheektowaga Town Hall, corner of Broadway and Union Roads, Cheektowaga, New York, for the purchase of copy paper and envelopes (BID# 2017-33 LAW) for all Town of Cheektowaga departments for calendar years 2017 (remainder of year) and 2018.


              Information for bidders and specifications may be obtained from the Town Clerk at her office in said Town.


              Proposals shall be submitted in a sealed envelope, plainly marked on the outside “Bid for Purchase of Copy Paper and Envelopes” and submitted to the Town Clerk prior to bid opening.


              No bidder may withdraw his bid within forty-five (45) days after the actual date of the opening thereof.


              The Town Board reserves the right to consider informal any bid not prepared and submitted in accordance with the provisions of the specifications and contract documents, and may waive any informalities, make an award to other than the low bidder, should it be in the best interest of the Town, or reject any and all bids.


              By order of the Town Board of the Town of Cheektowaga, Erie County, New York.


                                                                                                  Vickie L. Dankowski

                                                                                                  Town Clerk

DATED:  September 12, 2017





Meeting History

Sep 12, 2017 7:00 PM  Board Regular Meeting
MOVER:Alice Magierski, Councilmember
SECONDER:Diane Benczkowski, Supervisor
AYES:Diane Benczkowski, James P. Rogowski, Gerald Kaminski, Timothy J. Meyers, Christine Adamczyk, Linda Hammer, Alice Magierski