I. Pledge of Allegiance
II. Moment of Silence for Our Veterans
III. Call to Order
1. Roll Call
2. Additional Attendees
IV. Anticipated Executive Session to discuss TCEA collective negotiations pursuant to Article 14 of the Civil Service Law and matters leading to the employment of a particular person(s)
1. Enter Exeuctive Session at 5:03 PM
2. Exit Executive Session at 5:40 PM
V. Resolutions
1. RES-2017-708 : Transfer of FundsComment
2. RES-2017-709 : WarrantComment
3. RES-2017-710 : Award of Bid - One (1) New and Unused 2018 Chevrolet 3500 Regular Cab 4X4 Heavy Duty with Stainless Steel Dump Body for Facilities Dept. (Bid 2017-46)Comment
4. RES-2017-711 : Award of Bid – 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe Premier for the Department of Emergency Services (Bid 2017-47)Comment
5. RES-2017-712 : Accept Proposal of Nussbaumer & Clarke, Inc. for Additional Services for Improvements at the Roycroft Pump StationComment
6. RES-2017-713 : Authorize Purchase of Back Up & Disaster Recovery SolutionComment
7. RES-2017-714 : Notice to Bidders - One (1) New and Unused 2019 Conventional Cab & Chassis with Refuse Packer Body for the Sanitation Dept. (Bid 2017-48)Comment
8. RES-2017-715 : Establish Town Board Meeting Dates for 2018Comment
9. RES-2017-716 : Authorize Supervisor to sign TCEA Collective Bargaining AgreementComment
10. RES-2017-717 : Authorize Supervisor to Execute Shared Services Agreement with the City of LackawannaComment
11. RES-2017-718 : Agreement with Hockey Western NY, LLC "Buffalo Sabres"Comment
12. RES-2017-719 : Youth & Recreation TerminationComment
13. RES-2017-720 : Appointment of Laborer (Labor/Permanent) Sewer Maintenance (Joseph M. Dabrowski)Comment
14. RES-2017-721 : Appointment of Laborer (Labor/Permanent) Sanitation Department (Kobe J. Walenka)Comment
15. RES-2017-722 : Hiring of Seasonal Laborer (Sanitation Department)Comment
VI. Suspension of Rules
1. RES-2017-723 : Appoint Deputy Town Attorney/ProsecutorComment
VII. Adjournment