Town of Cheektowaga
Erie County, NY

ZBA Resolution

25 Fairoaks


Department:Zoning Board of AppealsSponsors:
Category:Area Variance


ARTICLE(S): __V____               SECTION(S): _260-43B(1)(b)___

of the zoning law for property located at:


Meeting History

Dec 20, 2017 7:00 PM  Zoning Board of Appeals Regular Meeting

Mr. Robert Hartman Jr was present asking to place an eight (8) foot driveway extension directly in front of the principal dwelling. His home is a two (2) family home and he needs additional off street parking. He has permission for a curb cut from the Highway Department. He also has removed the grass and placed stone in area proposed for parking without having obtained a variance for the extension.

Mr. Zaccaro and his wife Debbie of 39 Fairoaks were present in objection to the driveway extension and feel that there are too many tenant cars allowed on the premises and that the absentee landlord, Mr. Hartman, should have discussed the car situation with the tenants prior to renting to tenants who have five (5) cars which cannot fit into the existing driveway. Mr. Zaccaro’s property has been disturbed with soil that was extricated from the front of the home. They had many photos supporting their concerns.

Mr. Zaccaro feels that this does not fit into the Fairoaks area where the homes are well maintained. This will devalue their residential district, as well as quality of life. The tenants do not park in garage and two (2) cars barely fit into the existing driveway. The remainder of the cars park in the gravel driveway for now.

Gerald Pollak of 36 Fairoaks, a neighbor across the street from 25 Fairoaks, was concerned about the six (6) cars parked on the street. They also ignore the parking ban, park on the grass, and have totes standing in front of the house, which is unsightly.

A motion was made to table and look at property again.

RESULT:TABLED [UNANIMOUS]Next: 1/17/2018 7:00 PM
MOVER:Jane Wiercioch, Board Member
SECONDER:Kenneth L. Young, Board Member
AYES:Robert J. Brandon, Jane Wiercioch, Kenneth L. Young, John Marriott, Justin Young