Town of Cheektowaga
Erie County, NY


Building & Plumbing, Community Development and Housing & Neighborhood Preservation as Separate Departments


Department:Supervisor's OfficeSponsors:Supervisor Diane Benczkowski, Councilmember Linda Hammer
Category:Personnel MiscellaneousFunctions:None


WHEREAS, by resolution dated May 16, 2016 (Resolution 2016-314), the Town Board

appointed Richard C. Coburn as Supervising Code Enforcement Officer to enforce various Town Codes and to manage and supervise the Building & Plumbing Department and also to supervise the Housing & Neighborhood Preservation Office, and


WHEREAS, by resolution dated February 14, 2017 (Resolution 2017-116), Richard J. Willis was appointed to the position of Director of Community Development, and


WHEREAS, by resolution dated November 14, 2017 (Resolution 2017-649), the management and supervision of the Housing & Neighborhood Preservation Office was placed under the supervision of the Director of Community Development, NOW THEREFORE, BE IT


RESOLVED, that Building & Plumbing; Community Development; and Housing & Neighborhood Preservation shall be treated as separate, individual departments for all purposes, including all issues related to the Collective Bargaining Agreement.


Meeting History

Dec 12, 2017 7:00 PM  Board Regular Meeting
MOVER:Diane Benczkowski, Supervisor
SECONDER:Linda Hammer, Councilmember
AYES:Diane Benczkowski, James P. Rogowski, Gerald Kaminski, Timothy J. Meyers, Christine Adamczyk, Linda Hammer, Alice Magierski