Town of Cheektowaga
Erie County, NY


Hiring/Termination of Part-Time/Seasonal Employees


Department:PersonnelSponsors:Supervisor Diane Benczkowski, Councilmember Timothy J. Meyers


              BE IT RESOLVED, that the following individuals be and hereby are hired as PART-TIME EMPLOYEES in the departments listed, not to exceed nineteen (19) hours on a weekly basis, in compliance with Civil Service Laws and Regulations as well as the provisions of the Town's collective bargaining agreement between the Town of Cheektowaga and the Town of Cheektowaga Employees Association:


FACILITIES DEPARTMENT Laborer $9.70/hour effective 12/19/2017

Tyler Kunkel, Cheektowaga, New York


BUILDING AND PLUMBING DEPARTMENT Clerk $12.00/hour effective 12/13/17

Patricia Duminuco, Cheektowaga, New York


BUILDING AND PLUMBING DEPARTMENT Clerk $12.00/hour effective 12/18/17

Carrie Craven, Cheektowaga, New York


POLICE DEPARTMENT Police Attendant $17.35/hour effective 12/13/17

Anthony Ehrenreich, Cheektowaga, New York             


Meeting History

Dec 12, 2017 7:00 PM  Board Regular Meeting
MOVER:Diane Benczkowski, Supervisor
SECONDER:Timothy J. Meyers, Councilmember
AYES:Diane Benczkowski, James P. Rogowski, Gerald Kaminski, Timothy J. Meyers, Christine Adamczyk, Linda Hammer, Alice Magierski