Town of Cheektowaga
Erie County, NY


Authorize Supervisor to Execute Grant Application, Administration and Disbursement Agreements Relative to Restore NY Grant Regarding 3600 Harlem Road


Department:Town AttorneySponsors:Councilmember Linda Hammer, Supervisor Diane Benczkowski
Category:Grant ApplicationFunctions:Community Development, Rezoning


              WHEREAS, the New York State Empire Development Corporation offers grants through the Restore NY program to fund the demolition, remediation, and redevelopment of structures and,


              WHEREAS, the property located at 3600 Harlem Road is in need of partial demolition, remediation, and redevelopment, and


              WHEREAS, the Developer, 3600 Harlem, LLC, has expressed willingness to participate in the Restore NY program and


              WHEREAS, this Town Board did, at its regular meeting held on Tuesday, November 14, 2017, call a public hearing to consider the grant application for funding for the demolition, remediation, and redevelopment of property located at 3600 Harlem Road in conjunction with the Developer, 3600 Harlem, LLC; and


              WHEREAS, said hearing was held on the 28th day of November, 2017 at which time all persons were given an opportunity to be heard; NOW, THEREFORE BE IT


              RESOLVED, that, subject to the Town Attorney’s approval, this Town Board does hereby approve and authorize the Supervisor to execute a Grant Application, Administration and Disbursement Agreement between the Town of Cheektowaga and 3600 Harlem Road, LLC outlining the responsibilities of the parties relative to the Restore NY Grant (Round 5) Application for demolition, remediation, and redevelopment for premises located at 3600 Harlem Road. 




Meeting History

Nov 28, 2017 7:00 PM  Board Regular Meeting
MOVER:Linda Hammer, Councilmember
SECONDER:Diane Benczkowski, Supervisor
AYES:Diane Benczkowski, James P. Rogowski, Gerald Kaminski, Christine Adamczyk, Linda Hammer, Alice Magierski
EXCUSED:Timothy J. Meyers